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Snap Map Feature: Safety Concern or Marketer’s Christmas in July?

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One of the best things about New Orleans: the food. One of the worst things about New Orleans: the food.

     Today marks the first day of the new month, and, with that, you may be feeling the inspiration to be bold and make the month count. The BMF team is feeling the same way. Living in the city of New Orleans means several things to several people: hot, sticky summers, live, free flowing music, deep, well-rooted history. And food. Whether it be that hole-in-the-wall you shuffled into while walking down the street, or those impossible must-have reservations you booked a month in advance; finding a rich, sinfully good meal in this city is not a challenge.

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Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald Seeking Fall Interns

Join the BMF team and gain experience at a dynamic and established New Orleans firm!

    Interns will play an important role in a variety of tasks and areas of work that include public relations, marketing, and social and digital media. Learn how to use both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels to develop integrated marketing communication strategies that meet the needs of every client, big or small.

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Crème Brûlée All Day (On July 27th, 2017)

     Crème brûlée, which translates to burnt cream, dates back to the late 1600’s where it is said to have made its first appearance in François Massialot’s cookbook. However, it was not very popular in French or English cookbooks until the 1980’s. After the 1980’s, it became a staple on the menu of Sirio Maccioni’s “Le Cirque” restaurant in New York. Maccioni claimed that he made it “the most famous and by far the most popular dessert in restaurants from Paris to Peoria.”

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Are all of my friends hanging out without me? The Fear of Missing out and Event Promotion.

Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald Fear of Missing Out Blog

     The fear of missing out or “FOMO” is the fear of not attending a party or event and missing out on something great or the social anxiety that creeps up when missing a social interaction or valuable experience. When people (especially millennials) attend an event, that experience helps define their social reputation. If a person sees their friends on social media out having fun without them, they may have FOMO.

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