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Is Instagram Disabling Likes?

Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald Instagram Disabling Likes BMF

Since October 2010, Instagram has been a major social media platform that allows people to share pictures and comment on other people’s posts. One of the main features of Instagram is that it allows users to like posts which boosts that person’s profile. The amount of likes and comments a person receives on their photos or videos increases their engagement, which is what companies want to see when hiring influencers for a paid promotion.

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Simple Ads Win The Day at the Low-Scoring, Low-Ratings Super Bowl

Super Bowl LIII hit the lowest ratings in a decade. This decline was fueled by New Orleans fans boycotting the event - the home of the Saints came in last in 56 markets in terms of viewership. During the commercials, it felt like the ad budgets were also boycotting events. For what is usually a competition to see who can produce the most expensive ad with the most celebrities, brands took a simpler approach to Super Bowl ads this year.

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Government Shutdown Provides "Hamberders"

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In the world of 24 hour news, much of our public relations strategy is focused on messaging and authentically maintaining a positive public perception of a client. One of the easiest things to attack is a misspelling or incorrect grammar. Whether it be a press release, Facebook post, or Tweet, all materials must be void of spelling errors. Spelling or grammatical errors can often show a lack of professionalism, care and trust in a company or individual and will certainly take away from whatever point you are trying to make.

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The 12 Days of Holiday Social Content

Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald Holiday Social Content BMF
The holidays not only bring increased sales to business owners, but additional expenditures: company-wide holiday parties, client gifts, bigger ad budgets, holiday collateral development, even website revamps to handle increased traffic and improve holiday-themed content.
It’s a special time of year when everyone expects content to be timely, specific, and themed. Since the holidays already put stress on people’s pockets, we’ve compiled 12 creative content ideas for your social media feed that won’t cost you a dime.  
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Pass Well Beyond Go and Collect $2 Billion: Communicating a Corporate Buyout

Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald Corporate Buyout BMF

Monopoly to some conjures up memories of spirited family tomfoolery, colorful language, tiny pieces and fake bank notes being hurled at each other. Or was that just my family? Monopoly to others means something a little less jovial but perhaps just as likely to involve objects being projected!

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