The 12 Days of Holiday Social Content

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The holidays not only bring increased sales to business owners, but additional expenditures: company-wide holiday parties, client gifts, bigger ad budgets, holiday collateral development, even website revamps to handle increased traffic and improve holiday-themed content.
It’s a special time of year when everyone expects content to be timely, specific, and themed. Since the holidays already put stress on people’s pockets, we’ve compiled 12 creative content ideas for your social media feed that won’t cost you a dime.  

It’s the 12 days of social media content:

  1. Do you have a brick and mortar location? How about a time lapse of decorating the office? You’d do it anyway and this way, clients, customers, and stakeholders can see you and your colleagues getting in the spirit. Teamwork is always a good look. Just set up a phone or a camera and film the process. You can always speed it up afterward.

  2. Make a holiday playlist. Are there any holiday songs that really touch you? Engage internally for everyone’s favorite holiday songs and make a playlist on an existing Spotify or SoundCloud account. Share it on social for something fun and different.

  3. Display Christmas cards you get from other clients or organizations. Thank them for thinking of you and they’ll appreciate the extra exposure.

  4. Take a Christmas photo for a digital card. Gather colleagues or departments for a Christmas picture to post on social. Make it fun and show off your personality!

  5. Have you ever heard of Elf on the Shelf? What about a panoramic of your office but instead of an elf, ask people if they can find your product!

  6. Posting recipes from employees or co-workers can be a great way to both engage with people and learn great cooking tips for your own celebration. Did someone bring in Santa cookies? Be sure to snap a pic for social.

  7. The holidays are a wonderful time to engage with charitable organizations. Try using a custom hashtag to not only promote the charity of your choosing but encourage your followers to consider them during their holiday giving.

  8. Social media takeovers can be a fun way to showcase your profiles in a new way. Why not pick a holiday character and have a day in the office from their perspective? How would Rudolph or Frosty feel chatting and having lunch with your colleagues?

  9. Be sure to collect photos of colleagues at fun, local holiday activities. Showcase your business as one that is involved and out in the local community.  

  10. Debut a holiday logo! Add lights, a wreath, a Menorah, presents, tree, whatever to spice up your logo for the holidays and have a fun debut on social!

  11. Who doesn’t like Secret Santa? Leave surprises on colleagues’ desks: little candies, a Santa hat, etc. it’s an easy way to capture some great content and make someone’s day!

  12. We’ve saved the most obvious for last: emphasize your holiday hours. It can be overlooked and it’s important to frequently communicate them to your customers during this busy time.

For the 12 days of Christmas, we hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 days of social media content ideas! Create, build, and tag us so we can see your cheerful holiday content.

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