2017 Solar Eclipse: A Marketing Recap

2017 Eclipse: A Marketing Recap_BMF Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald

The solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 was truly a spectacular event enjoyed across all of the United States. The BMF team spent the afternoon enjoying the eclipse safely from behind the protection of our eclipse glasses. While we were not in the path of totality, we greatly enjoyed what we could see. Thanks to Instagram and Snapchat, we were able to live vicariously through what our friends around the country were experiencing despite the sunny skies here in New Orleans.

In the world of marketing, it was the perfect time for a few of our favorite brands to stand out and run some pretty cool campaigns around the astronomical holiday.We loved seeing brands’ creativity brands across the country. Here are a few of our favorites who definitely took advantage of the eclipse to promote themselves:


Chiquita Banana

If you didn’t hear about how Chiquita temporarily turned the sun into a giant banana, catch up here. This campaign really took off on Twitter where Chiquita doesn’t normally get much engagement. The account averaged about 18 likes per post in the last two months,  but #BananaSun captured thousands of likes and retweets. Good job, Chiquita and looking forward to the next banana sun campaign in 2024.  

Chiquita Banana Twitter_BMF Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald blog

Hostess vs. Moon Pie

The eclipse induced feud between these two will go down in history as one of the most hilarious Twitter feuds ever. If you need to catch up, this article sums up all the highlights for you. Basically, Hostess tried to claim that its frosted yellow cake (you know, the one with the squiggle) was the one and only snacking option for eclipse viewing and Moon Pie simply responded with “lol ok.”

Hostess vs. MoonPie_BMF Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald blog

Things took off from there and everyone loved it. We’d have to say Moon Pie won this battle due to the exponential engagement with their Twitter account, positive reaction from the public, and the fact that their account (finally) got verified by Twitter because of all of this attention #verifythepie. Way to go, Moon Pie.


Krispy Kreme

For the first time ever Krispy Kreme totally covered their famous donuts in a chocolate glaze in honor of the eclipse. In a release, Krispy Kreme said that the eclipse is “a rare occasion providing a total sensory experience for viewers across the continental U.S.” and that its chocolate doughnuts will “have the same effect.” Love the confidence.


District Donuts

Speaking of donuts, District Donuts, known for their fun menu options turned their menu chocolate for the day. Some of their donuts featured extra dark cocoa and 72 percent dark chocolate pieces chopped and put right on top.

District Donuts_BMF Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald blog

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut saw an opportunity when the world ran out of safe viewing glasses for the eclipse. The pizza chain created a how-to video to demonstrate how the solar eclipse can be safely viewed through one of its pizza boxes. Procrastinators everywhere thank you, Pizza Hut.

Jose Cuervo Tequila

In case you needed a reason to drink tequila in the middle of the day, Jose Cuervo stepped up and made a couple of special eclipse cocktail recipes. Recipes include the Total Especial Eclipse and Dark Side of the Sun.

Jose Cuervo_BMF Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald blog

Another total solar eclipse will be visible in the United States on April 8, 2024. That leaves marketers with loads of time to come up with the next great eclipse themed campaign, and Americans enough time to order their safe viewing glasses.

Did you see another eclipse campaign that threw shade like Moon Pie or covered their product in chocolate? Let us know!

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