2018: New Year, New Marketing

Marketing New Orleans in 2018 Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald

Marketing tools to look for in 2018

With 2018 quickly approaching, we are anticipating the marketing and social media trends that will come with the new year.

Live Streaming

Live streaming on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. has taken over prerecorded videos. This marketing tool is an instant and effortless way to get content flowing. Recent studies have shown that users continue to watch live video 3x longer than prerecorded video and comment 10x more on live streaming videos. You can expect these major platforms to double down on live video usage and streaming, as well as improving video quality and throwing in new features in the future.

Chat Bots

You can expect to see more companies expanding their ease of access by adding these quick customer service tools. Chat bots provide easy access to company representatives and help improve marketing strategy. Chatbots are also a great tool to use when tracking consumer data. This can help your company improve themselves with instant consumer reviews and troubleshooting inquires.

Brand Blogs

Like this one, more companies are posting blogs to their own websites, increasing brand awareness, and consistently updating the site with fresh content. Posting blogs is a great way to not only put a personal twist on your company’s website, but it aims to keep your website fresh and active. Customer spotlights, company updates and local insights are great ways to do this.

Shoppable Media

This incredible marketing tactic makes online shopping so easy it’s scary. With one click on a photo or video, you are able to find out exactly where an item comes from, how much it costs, and a direct link to purchase. This provides a much more interactive and visual shopping experience that keeps the consumer engaged. Through platforms like PayPal and Venmo, you can also skip the hassle of punching credit card numbers in each time you go to purchase something. Many boutiques use their presence on Instagram to allow you to order their merchandise straight from the app.

All of these marketing strategies that we will be seeing in the coming year center around interactive consumer usage and allow your content to start circulating faster than ever before. As technology grows, so should your company.


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