2018 SEO Resolutions

SEO Resolutions_ 2018_Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald

We are just about wrapping up the first month of 2018 and we’ve seen people and businesses all over the world are celebrating and embracing the fresh and innovative opportunities that come with the territory of walking into a new year, and BMF is no exception. We are starting with 5 Search Engine Optimization resolutions for the new year!

1. We will commit ourselves to creating only authentic, useful content on our website.

The creation of unnecessary links and information on a website to boost SEO optimization is something that will inevitably decrease the site's rank in the long run. Creating content that is useful to the user is crucial to successful search engine optimization. Search engines are intended for users to understand, learn and collect the information being searching for. Naturally, engines will search for nothing but the top sites with that information to provide for users. Crafting fulfilling content on websites to fulfill the user’s needs will improve the chances of the site earning those top rankings.

2. We will create outbound links that will further inform our readers.

Linking out to authoritative websites that provide more information for readers to digest is essential to creating effective quality content that will keep readers coming back for more. Doing this will aid the website in search engine optimization through site sharing from users, which can even signal Google as to how trustworthy the site is. This will naturally propel the content of the site to the top of the search list as organic and relevant for users.

3. We will always pursue positive user experiences on our site.

Ensuring a positive and rewarding user experience on any website is extremely important for SEO. Brands and companies should always opt for revamping their sites to adjust to the needs of users that visit those pages. The number one goal for any website host should be to create quality content that users can easily digest and enjoy. There should be a focus on consistently improving page load time, bounce rate, page views per visit and how far a person scrolls on a page.

4. We will utilize proper image tagging for optimization.

Properly tagging images on websites are essential for successful search optimization. Placing random and unrelated image tags will undoubtedly decrease the chances of the site's content being the first result that people see when they search for a certain topic or image. Instead of naming the image, IMG.1727377, opt for keywords that relate to that specific image file, caption, title and description. 

5. We will create better meta descriptions for higher CTR and not for ranking.

Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that concisely explain the contents of a webpage. Users can find meta descriptions that are relevant and useful for research and click that link and are hopefully satisfied enough with the pages’ contents to continue to scroll that site. By doing this, the click-through rates (CTR) on the site will improve, and in return, this will boost the site to the top of the search list.

These are 5 of our new year’s resolutions to be bigger and better than before! What are some of yours? Let us know!

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