6 Ways to Utilize Videos for your Company

6 Ways to Utilize Videos for your Company

Videos are a great way to market your company, build a following and gain brand recognition. There is a very large audience for videos on the internet with 85% of the US internet users watching videos, but they not only watch the videos; 62% of people say they consume videos more thoroughly than text alone. Utilizing videos is a great way to connect to your audience and it is also great for search engine optimization. You are 53x more likely to show up on the first page of Google if you have video content on your website. Many businesses have recognized the need for video content, with 63% saying they use video in their marketing strategy. If you are looking for some tips on how to utilize video for your business here are some great, cost effective options to get you started!

1) Tell your story

One great way to use video is to create a general explanation of who your company is and what you do. This introduction can communicate your identity right away, so post this on your website homepage and when people visit your website they will immediately be interested and engaged. These videos do not have to be something you spend an exuberant amount of money on – but investing some time in creating something true to your brand will have a lot of value to you and your audience.

2) Introduce your employees

You can use video as an informal way to make people relate to your company. People like to get to know the culture of a company, so introducing employees or showing off what your office looks like is a great way to make people connect to your company, especially on social media. Giving your employees a face helps build trust and is just another great way to produce quality content for your target customer or consumer.

3) Vlog

Many companies already run a blog on their website, but why not have a video blog instead. Posting a video a week instead of a blog is a great way to get people to engage since most people enjoy learning visually. You can use the video blog or vlog for short as a place to post videos about your traditional blog topics or a place to post more personal videos about your company.

4) Show production process

If you are a company that produces a product a great way to get your customers to learn about what you make is to show them the production process. Whether you are producing mass amounts of products in a large warehouse or making each product by hand in your garage people love to see how things are made.  Utilize this as a way for you to separate yourself from other companies in your industry. If your company is incredibly environmentally conscious in the way you produce your product or your employees are extremely safe, tell that story.

5) Customer Testimonials

Potential customers love to hear reviews from other people. Reading customer testimonials is great, but having the customer film a video of their testimonial is even better. If you film a testimonial it gives people a face and it makes it feel more sincere.

6) Thank you videos

Videos are a great place to show gratitude to your customers. Sending short thank you videos to people shows good attention to detail and that your care about your customers. People will be very grateful for your personal thanks and are likely to give positive reviews or buy your product or service again.

These are just a few of the many different great ways to utilize video to market your company. If you have any questions about other ways to input video into your marketing plan contact BMF at 504-524-3342.