BMF Weekly Roundup 06.25.18

Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald BMF Weekly Roundup

We’re bringing back BMF’s Weekly Roundup where we deliver all of this week’s news clips that you may have missed! You’ve got a busy life, so sit back, relax, and get this week’s run down so you have something to talk about at dinner this weekend:


With the recent launch of IGTV, Instagram has released a 50-page guide on creating and uploading IGTV content. The guide is chock-full of tips on lenses and accessories, app recommendations, and instructions on how to upload IGTV videos from a mobile device or desktop. This guide will become your saving grace on how to become a master at IGTV content creation.


Netflix’s chief communications officer, Jonathan Friedland, was fired this week over his use of racial slurs on at least two occasions at work. Friedland has since apologized for his inappropriate behavior. Netflix was quick to act on Friedland’s actions when he no longer upheld the company’s values, which showed Netflix was more concerned for minority employees than this executive.


Saudi women take to the streets as they celebrate the end of the country’s ban on female drivers. The first driver’s licenses were issued to women on June 4th. Since then, there’s been a huge influx of license applications. Despite all the joy, leading Saudi activists who fought long and hard for women’s right to drive still sit behind bars.


New Orleans’ bike share program officially launched almost seven months ago in December 2017. Now, electric scooter-share is coming to New Orleans. It’ll cost $1 to “unlock” a scooter with a smartphone app, and 15-cents per minute during a ride. The scooters are taken off the streets every night and charged at a warehouse. The electric scooter program aims to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in New Orleans.


An update on the new airport terminal that will be opening in 2019 in New Orleans and will completely replace the existing one: Instead of having separate TSA security checkpoints for each concourse, there will be a single, consolidated security checkpoint. A lot of windows will be incorporated into the design to allow for natural light. Uber and Lyft will have a designated curbside section just like taxis. There will be a huge assortment of food and beverage offerings including Shake Shack, Café du Monde, and Emeril’s. These are just some of the new and exciting features to expect.