A How to Guide for Businesses to Utilize LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is an extremely effective means of networking for business professionals. Job seekers can locate jobs that best fit their interests, background, and skills. On the flip side, employers can post a job and find the best candidates for the role. What many businesses have caught on to is the ability to use LinkedIn as a free marketing tool. LinkedIn can be used to promote brand awareness by leveraging vital connections and effectively presenting the business in a polished and professional manner. LinkedIn is not a site where a business should be aggressively selling products, urging and begging people to order from them. What makes LinkedIn different from other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat is its user. Most people on LinkedIn are professionals who know what they are looking for on the site. If a person is viewing a business’s site on LinkedIn, chances are they already know what they are looking for.


1.) Make sure your business has a profile page. When most people hear about a business they are not familiar with, they usually look up their online presence. Nothing looks worse than for a company to not at least have a LinkedIn page in addition to other social media accounts. The LinkedIn custom URL should have the same name as the official website and other social media accounts to establish uniform brand identity.  Make sure the company page is completed in its entirety. An official logo for the company needs to be the profile photo. A good logo helps to drive brand identity and makes the company memorable to the potential buyer or client. The “about us” page needs to include the company bio, headquarters, services offered, number of employees and the founding year of the company. People only conduct business with companies they trust, so the more professional and established a business looks, the more likely a business will be able to grow their customer base. Employees that work for the business will be able to link their personal LinkedIn profile back to the business profile. This helps to establish the reach of the company name, and shows potential buyers that there are real employees working there.


2.) The company LinkedIn profile should be linked back to the official website and blog. Anyone viewing the company’s LinkedIn profile should have easy access to the official company website. Posting blogs to your LinkedIn page is equally important. Company blogs should contain content that is related to the industry the business is in. This helps legitimize your LinkedIn page as well as establishing your company as thought leaders in your industry.



3.) Set strategic ad campaigns. LinkedIn’s targeting options are second to none. The ability to target a specific audience puts a business in control, allowing them to make specifications based on: location, company size, age, gender, job title, and industry just to name a few. Scheduled posts are made using LinkedIn’s pay-per-click ad feature, Sponsored Updates.   Imagine a company in New Orleans that provides web design services but doesn’t have the staff to accommodate large accounts and wants to stay local. Utilizing LinkedIn’s targeting services, they could simply search for New Orleans, search for any type of business in company industry, and search for owners and CEO in job title. Any posts they make would reach their targeted audience. An effective way to leverage this tool is by making weekly posts and having webinars that demonstrate the services offered, generating customer interest.

4.) Content Matters. The content that is posted on a company’s LinkedIn page should be engaging and informative. This serves a two-fold purpose in the context of building clientele and turning that clientele into revenue. Videos that demonstrate the services offered help to establish the company as a leader in their respective field, and also show that the company doesn’t mind disseminating free information to their potential customer base. Videos should be eye catching, helping to garner the attention of clients. Consider an interior design company that is trying to build relationships with real estate agents to offer their services in the area of staging a home. A time lapse video showing the before and after of the staging process would catch the attention of agents and help the interior design company to gain new clients. Focusing on how your business can help solve problems should be the key component to keep in mind when a business is posting media.

5.) Analyze the Data. The numbers do not lie, so use them to your advantage to find out your strengths and weaknesses. LinkedIn Company Page analytics allows a business to monitor the performance of their free ad campaigns. LinkedIn campaign manager allows for monitoring paid campaign performance. These tools allow a business to see what content is generating the greatest response, the demographic it’s reaching, and any trends for a given time period. Using these tools will allow a business to improve in certain areas and cater their content to reach the people that will generate the greatest response.