How To: Use Instagram Live Video

                Sue B. Zimmerman, the author of “Ready, Set, Gram” online tutorial, gave a webinar through the Social Media Marketing Society last week.  The Instagram expert discussed an underused feature on the popular social medium: the live story.  Like Snapchat stories, Instagram’s live feed allows you to create and share videos that can be viewed for 24 hours.  The goal is to use the tool to tell a story, Zimmerman says.

                The benefits of the Instagram live story are real time updates with an authentic feel.  They require minimal production and can increase memorability with the audience.  Instagram followers will feel a connection to the stories they watch as well.

                Some of the tools introduced on Instagram Live are a text option, an option to add music, and a sticker option.  Fun emoji’s can liven up a post while music can grab followers’ attention.  Another benefit of the tool is its unlimited storage. Users can upload as much content as they want.  Also, users can take advantage of the “swipe up” option to link out to websites or extended videos.

                The Explore page on your Instagram account not only recommends posts that you may find interesting but stories as well. It’s an easy way to get your stories in front of potential followers and likewise, a great way to check out how other content creators are using Instagram effectively.

                Although there are benefits to this feature, remember that there are things to avoid when storying.  Followers will grow tired of the same talking head, especially if they are promoting a single product—no one likes a boring commercial!  Try mixing up the scenery when you film content and make sure that scenes don’t drag on.  At the end of the day, make sure that your content is original.  Bring something new to your story!

                If you need some inspiration, check out brands like @TheNorthFace to see exciting Instagram stories! 

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