The Instagram Story: A Lesson in Values

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Let’s talk about social media marketing! Social media marketing combines some of BMF’s favorite things: targeted strategy, concise copy, great visuals, and call to action. An Instagram Story consists of 10-second videos and photos that disappear in 24 hours with filters, stickers, and a variety of pen tools. It’s hard to identify precisely how much value an Instagram Story has, but looking at the numbers, there’s no doubt that the reach is unequitable and unmatched. If you are unfamiliar with Instagram stories, they’re very similar to Snapchat Stories. Every Instagram account can post a Story that will disappear after 24 hours. Instagram strays from Snapchat by allowing accounts to “go live” and give followers the chance to comment/ask questions in real time, very similar to Facebook Live. There are even people who think that Instagram has beaten Snapchat at its own game. Here are a couple of reasons to start taking advantage of Instagram’s Stories feature:


Promote deeper connections

Something that is so special about social media in general is the ability to stay in touch with people who are far away or you don't keep in touch with. This same theory applies for brands! Instagram stories have a way of making people feel like they are a part of something and connected to your brand because you are speaking to them directly. In some instances it might even be appropriate to have an individual “take over” your Instagram Story. This will be a special guest or influencer who will treat your account as their own for the day and will give your audience a different perspective.  Usually that person will encourage their followers to follow your account to see the “take over” as well. This deepens the connection with your followers as well as the connection you have with influencers and the blogging community.


Connect with younger audiences

Instagram is such a visual platform and people are simply creating more videos now. Instagram Stories are a great way to share videos that you wouldn’t necessarily post, promote a sale, new product, or influencer campaign. Influencer campaigns are a great way to engage with a specific audience who are dedicated followers of that influencer. Younger audiences love feeling like a part of the process, so "behind the scenes" style Instagram Stories can create brand loyalty and a consistent following while also giving you the opportunity to show a bit of your organization’s personality.


All in one platform

Instagram has a huge advantage over Snapchat and that is the ability to tag brands or people in the Stories feature and link the tag to send a user right to their Instagram pages. This is such a great way to cross promote your partners or do a shout-out to a brand you love! Instagram also allows users to link websites, links to donate, or links to shop right from the Story. With Instagram's all-in-one platform, someone can see my Story tagging a brand I love, click the tag, follow that brand's page, and click the link in their bio to check out their website all within seconds. Having everything you would want to access in one platform improves the mobile experience and the overall ROI from a marketing perspective.


Instagram is great for brands, influencers, and consumers in that it creates mutually beneficial relationships. The consumer can easily shop your product or view your website, the influencer has a wide reach and can easily cross-promote, and companies/organizations have a streamlined process to reach their goals. As always, knowing your audience is vital with Instagram Stories, even if they only last 24 hours. With the right strategy, Instagram Stories can boost your company's reach.

There are ways to measure engagement through links in Instagram Stories or clicks on links in your Instagram bio, but it's important to remember that not every call to action will lead to an immediate action. Plan strategically and be patient when it comes to an Instagram campaign. Social media marketing can have immediate response which is so satisfying, but there are also long term relationships that may not merit and immediate ROI, but become engaged later or tell 10 friends who will come to your brand in a different way!


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