One of the best things about New Orleans: the food. One of the worst things about New Orleans: the food.

     Today marks the first day of the new month, and, with that, you may be feeling the inspiration to be bold and make the month count. The BMF team is feeling the same way. Living in the city of New Orleans means several things to several people: hot, sticky summers, live, free flowing music, deep, well-rooted history. And food. Whether it be that hole-in-the-wall you shuffled into while walking down the street, or those impossible must-have reservations you booked a month in advance; finding a rich, sinfully good meal in this city is not a challenge. But it certainly can take a toll on the waistline.

New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Shrimp Poboy - BMF

     Don’t get us wrong, the BMF team is not shy to splurging with St. James for lunch and then happy hour at Meril for dinner. However, in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, the BMF team has decided to squad up and squat it up for our “BMF BMI Challenge!” BMI, or body mass index, is a measure of body fat based off of your weight in relation to your height and age. We will be tracking our BMI weekly to keep one another encouraged and accountable. However, all nutritional and activity choices will be made individually. The challenge will last until the end of October, and the person who sees the biggest BMI improvement wins a prize.

     We want to be clear about this challenge, though! It is not a diet nor do we feel anyone in the office needs to go on a diet. In our “rules,” it states no one is to partake is crash dieting, excessively long work outs, or any other extreme measures. Instead, we are focusing on making healthier choices in order to feel better and potentially, as an added benefit, look better. The human body requires regular physical activity, the correct nutrition, and the appropriate rest (both mentally and physically) in order to perform at its full potential. There are so many benefits, both personally and professionally, for living a healthier lifestyle. Picture these stock images, but with actual members of the BMF team.

New Orleans, LA - healthy living - BMF

     From a both of personal and professional standpoint, maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle promotes wellness; therefore, preventing sickness, missed days at work, etc. It also increases energy, giving you that extra motivation to stay focused and productive at work and throughout your days. Typically, employees who are motivated to set goals within their physical activity and take the steps to accomplish them, are likely to have that same attitude translate into their worklife. Those maintaining this lifestyle tend to have a higher-level of self confidence, and also encourage confidence in others. This, along with the others mentioned, are a few reasons how staying active and making healthier choices throughout your day can be beneficial.

     All in all, the BMF team is excited to step into this new month with our best, healthiest foot forward. We will be documenting our healthier choices sporadically through our social channels, so please follow us and stay tuned for updates!