Scary Good Marketing Campaigns of the Last Five Years

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Sprint LG Elevator Prank (2012)

LG Elevator Prank-Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald-BMF

LG coins the slogan “So Real, It’s Scary” for this commercial, which coincides nicely with Halloween. This campaign is both hilarious and horrible (in the best way). LG installed a grid of LCD monitors in the floor of an elevator, creating an illusion that riders were about to plummet to their deaths.


Trap the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow – Skittles (2014)

Skittles Halloween-Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald-BMF

In this campaign, Skittles gives arachnophobes even more ammunition for their fears. Skittles tapped into the Halloween spirit with this commercial featuring a life-sized talking spider. Did we mention this spider is a comedian too? There’s nothing people won’t do for a taste of the rainbow in this ad.


Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Scare (2013)

Rice Krispies Scare-Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald-BMF

For Halloween in 2013, Rice Krispies Squares changed the name of their classic Squares to “Rice Krispies Scare” and create buzz about the marshmallow snack for trick-or-treaters. Kellogg promoted the name change by creating a hidden camera scare with a haunted vending machine. Watch the video to see innocent by-passers’ terrified reactions.


Butterfinger (2017)

Butterfinger Halloween-Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald-BMF

A Butterfinger characterized as a jack-o'-lantern gives homeowners fair warning this Halloween: hand out Butterfingers this Halloween OR have your house covered in toilet paper by little monsters. The classic question “trick or treat?” takes on a whole new meaning in this ad!


Did you see another Halloween campaign that was funny like Skittles or scary like Sprint? Let us know!

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