Snap Map Feature: Safety Concern or Marketer’s Christmas in July?

Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald Snapchat Map Blog


     Snap Map, a new feature recently rolled out by Snapchat, has raised safety concerns. The new feature lets you share your location with all (or just a few) of your friends. It also gives you access to a map and lets you scroll to see exactly where your friends are located, even those who are on the move. There are, of course, options within the app to personalize the feature. For example, you can choose specific people to share your location with, or opt to go into “ghost mode” and allow no one to follow you.

     While it’s obvious why this has become a safety concern for most, there is a different, more beneficial way in which some are utilizing this new feature. Marketers have discovered that, in this ever-digital world where social media determines what’s hot and what’s not, this can be used to their advantage for a handful of reasons.

Sharing your location at an event

When hosting an event, ask Snapchatters to turn on Snap Map. When those not at the event open their SnapMap and see (potentially) a group of people at one location, they will get curious and, even better, a serious case of the “fomos.” Especially if you have well-known influencers at the event. Influencers are known for having a large, prominent social following. This, combined with a fun geofilter for the event could be enough to sway those on-the-fence invitees to head to your event! 


Let your followers know where your business is

     A lot of businesses have social media channels, including Snapchat. Activating your business profile’s location on Snap Map while at a convention out of town, while at a well-known client’s office, or even while at a company happy hour could be a great way to keep followers engaged. It’s also another great way to showcase the business’s personality.


Location marketing

     While Snapchat has said they do not plan on running paid advertisements via Snap Map, there is always that potential. This would open up a huge area of opportunity for marketers to advertise to Snapchat users via their location on Snap Map. For example, if a store was running a promotion on a certain day, at a certain location, they would have the ability to access Snap Map and target those followers in the area.


Utilize the heatmap

     Snapchat created a heatmap overlay on the map that “heats up” areas where people are uploading several stories. i.e. if there is a concert and multiple people are Snapchatting videos and pictures, it will create a spot on the map. People can then tap on that spot and view the stories. This would not only allow people to view stories from your event, it would make someone aware of your event who may not have known prior.


     It is undeniable that people need to use caution when embracing Snapchat’s new feature. However, it is also clear that, when used safely and correctly, there are a lot of ways marketers can be utilizing these features in order to service and benefit their clients.

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