#StayInYourLane vs. #ThisIsMyLane

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#StayInYourLane vs. #ThisIsMyLane


We all know it only takes 280 characters... To bring awareness to a worthwhile cause, make a person famous, make a dream come true, or say something you and your brand could forever regret.

#Thisismylane was started in response to a tweet by the NRA on November 7 criticizing the content of a medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine journal in which medical professionals suggest gun control legislation as a measure to reduce gun-related injury and death. You can see the NRA’s tweet here.

In a response campaign, ER doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMS drivers, and other medical professionals demonstrated to the NRA that they will not only express their disagreement, but that they will show the truth--guns impact their profession on a daily basis in gruesome, devastating, and life-changing ways.

Users are tweeting photos of chaotic surgery rooms, blood-soaked scrubs, and first-hand accounts of how exactly gun violence affects the medical profession. With the accompaniment of an impactful hashtag, it’s an incredibly organized and effective response to the controversial tweet.

We get it, there are brands out there that openly stand for ideas people passionately disagree with. As a communications firm, we would never advocate taking a political stance if it goes against a company’s core values. But, we will always advocate for forethought and consideration before publishing content.

The irrevocable, unwavering truth is that gun control policy would impact the medical profession. For better or for worse, for more or for less, that’s up for debate--but it would impact doctors and others in the medical profession. According to the CDC and their most recent report, in 2015-2016, there were over 72,000 deaths due to gun violence (this includes suicides).

Even though it seems like in 2018, all regard for social media forethought has been tossed by the wayside (especially when it comes to politically-based accounts), we would like to make an appeal to social media managers everywhere--please think before you tweet.

Ask, who are the stakeholders in this scenario? If I’m making this statement, do I have the research to back it up? If I asked someone on the other side of this issue, what would they say? Is this true?

Step back, think, fact check. It could spare you from public outrage, and an entire professional community from placing a target on your back.  

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